How to install PerfeFilm camera raw color profiles for Lightroom

How to install PerfeFilm camera raw color profiles for Lightroom

Hi, thank you for your purchase! We are happy to have you join the growing PerfeFilm family. In this article we will walk you through the PerfeFilm Lightroom Profile installation process step by step. This is for customers who have already purchased PerfeFilm products. If you  have not heard of us, please go to for more information.

**This example uses the PerfeFilm Demo as an illustration. You can download and try it for free.  


Installation Steps


1. Download zip file

  • Please sign in first, you can see the purchased items as follows :


  • Click "Download" to save your zip file to your computer system
  • **Remember: Do not expand the zip file, just use the zip file to import it afterwards.


2.1 Use Lightroom Classic (Lrc) to import

  • File - Import Develop Profiles and Presets... Import the downloaded zip file and done!


2.2 PhotoShop ACR 

  • Execute the step : "2.1 Use Lightroom Classic (Lrc) to import" can automatically use the imported profiles in Photoshop.


2.3 Lightroom (Lr)

**The algorithm for importing photos into Lightroom is not the same as Lightroom Classic, so importing a zip file directly can sometimes cause errors. In this case, you need to unzip the zip file into a folder first.

  • Unzip the zip file into a folder
  • File - Import Profiles & Presets...


    • Choose Folder 



      2.4 **Use Lightroom Mobile on your phone/tablet

      • Complete the import steps of 2.3 Lightroom (Lr) first
      • After importing profiles, if you try to edit the raw files on Lightroom Mobile and found that an error was reported : Missing Profile.


      Why does this happen?

      • Adobe currently only synchronizes presets, not profiles on cell phones and tablets. It's unfortunate when you apply a preset, you can't find the corresponding profiles on mobile. This is a policy of Lightroom, and hope in the future Adobe can open synchronization function of profiles to make cross-platform editing more convenient.


      How to use a custom profile in Lightroom Mobile.


      We have to apply a profile in Lightroom (Lr) on the computer, export the JPG file and then import it back to Lightroom and sync it to your phone/tablet via Lightroom mobile so that you can use the profile in Lightroom Mobile.



      • In the "Desktop Version" of Lightroom, first apply the PerfeFilm profile to a raw file.

      • File - Export


      • More Options - All Metadata - Export 1 photo 

      • Afterwards, import the exported file back to Lightroom (Lr). Remember to sync the imported jpeg photo to your Lightroom Mobile on the mobile device.


      Notes :

      • There might be more than one lens on your phone/tablet. Only one of the lens can be synced at a time with this export - Add Photos - Sync method. If you find that there is still profiles that has not been synced, please repeat the process again.
      • You need to repeat the process again for different "categories" of profiles. In short, if you encounter a situation where you can't find the profile on your mobile devices, just repeat the steps in this section again.